Grappa & Honey


Low alcohol content liqueur obtained by skilfully blending Trentino grappa and Trentino mountain honey. 
The first traces of hives built by man date back to the sixth millennium BC The Egyptians used to lay alongside the mummies vases filled with honey for the journey in the hereafter, for the Greeks was the "food of the gods".

In addition to food is' always been also used for medical (care of digestive disorders, ointments for wounds and injuries), is purifying, aphrodisiac, refreshing, regulator, coolant, and healing. Pythagoras recommended as food for a long life.

bright, yellowish
Aroma :
honey, intense and delicate
Taste :
sweet, typical of honey
Capacity :
0,50 lt - 0,03 lt
Alcoholic content :
21% vol.
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