elisir tavola

After meals, abundant liquid refreshment, a dram straight or diluted in hot espresso or in wine or with water; in after excessively abundant meals taken very hot.

elisir sole

To quench thirst when the heat is suffocating and unbearable, a glass of still or sparkling water, without ice, with a half glass of Elisir Novasalus

elisir valigia

When travelling, on vacation, changes of climate, a small glass the evening before settling in for the night and the day after will be a sunny one.

elisir sole casa

In springtime or changes in season when the skin needs reinvigorating.

elisir freccia

 In any moment, on any occasion, Elisir Novasalus is precious friend who saves us from embarrassment and unexpected discomforts. Irreplaceable in cases of dire need.

elisiro specchio

Start the day with half a glass of Elisir Novasalus (Giuseppe Cappelletti recommended taking twice during the waning phase of the moon with Elisir Novasalus).