Cappelletti Cocktail Academy

Cappelletti Spritz
Italian classic rivisitation [Bitter Specialino]
Haus Negroni
A rivisitation of classic cocktail [GinCup\Specialino\Vermouth Blanc]
Petit Boulevardier
The nephew of the Negroni in a Cappelletti version [Elisir Novasalus\Vermouth Rouge\Specialino]
Negroni Fumato
Negroni with the Cappelletti touch! [GinCup\Specialino\Amaro Sfumato]
Propeller 1918
The cocktail to give you the right propulsion! [GinCup\Vermouth Blanc\Specialino]
Rhymes with Orange
A drink that embraces the whole world! [Specialino]
Toes in the sand
Suitable for those who like to sit under the umbrella! [Specialino]
Junix Spritz
Juniper at the power! [GinCup\Specialino]
Brokedown Palace
Be careful where you walk! [Specialino\Vermouth Rouge]
Glacial Sun
Seemingly contrasting worlds meet! [GinCup\Specialino\Amaro Alta Verde]
Il Buttero
Only in the best prairie saloons! [Specialino\Amaro Sfumato\Amaro Trentino]
Kaput Radler
To quench your body and soul! [Amaro Sfumato]
L'amar Battiato
Variation of the famous Paloma [Amaro Sfumato]
Black Spritz
Enter to the dark side as well! [Amaro Sfumato]
Smoking Jacket Required
The perfect combination of sweet and bitter [Amaro Sfumato\Vermouth Blanc]
The Demogorgon
Be careful where you walk ... [Prezioso Mirtillo\Pesca Rosi]
The little Dart
Little but evil! [Prezioso Mirtillo\Pesca Rosi\Elisir dello Speziale]
Mountain Freshness
A nice drink of fresh air! [Amaro Pasubio]
Lake of Fire
Angel or devil? [Punch Arancio\Specialino]
Clover Club Kid
Suitable for the sweet tooth! [GinCup\Specialino]